Avocado, the process

1. Capturing Avocado: Sketching and Printing
I cut open an avocado and conduct some still life drawings.
As the sketching process unfolds. It serves as the blueprint for a woodblock print.
2. Line by Line: Construction through layers
Utilizing my sketches as a reference. I work within adobe illustrator to create the avocado by placing simple straight lines on top of each other.

3. Vector Visions
Drawn lines are carved into multiple woodblocks using a cnc.

4. Carve to Print
Various inks are applied onto the surface of the woodblocks.
From which a relief print will be made.

5. Avocado Impressions: Crafting Woodblock Prints
Process video of the various layers that goes into construction of this print.

6 . Avocado in Layers: A Woodcut Print Journey
The final result, a unique hand pulled print of an avocado.

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