The Waiting Game

Through the medium of a woodcut print, I invite viewers into a contemplative scene, a figure seated amidst nature’s rugged embrace, gazing toward the horizon where the sun descends into the sea.
Each carving contributes its unique surface intricacies, intertwining to compose a multi-layered visual experience. The sliders below demonstrate the carved woodblocks used to create a symphony of textures within the resulting print. These blocks intertwine and colloborate with eachother to imprint a rich tapestry of details onto the resulting print.

The blue woodblock carving and the print.
The red woodblock carving and the print.

In ‘The Waiting Game,’ I sought to encapsulate the serene anticipation embedded in the fleeting moments of twilight. The title captures the essence of this visual narrative—a pause in time where the boundary between expectation and tranquility converges. It invites viewers to partake in the contemplative experience, pondering the interplay of human presence against the vast expanse of nature’s beauty.

Process of Printing the woodcut print

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